The Energy Coast – Consultation Update

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The Trustees of the Alde and Ore Association have attended webinars and open days over the last two months given by the two separate project developer companies for Sea Link and EuroLink.

As shown on the Association website we were looking at the proposals from the point of view of the possible impact on the Alde and Ore estuary and the adjacent coast.

At this pre statutory consultation stage the plans presented have been more of an overview of possible landfalls and cable routes to possible convertors stations which might them link up to the large Friston Sub-station, if it is built.

There are maps with possible cable lines and sites but little more detail.

While the consultation questionnaire poses questions wanting yes/no answers or specific preferences, the basic evidence and information presented is not yet ready or does not yet exist to enable such answers.

But, Trustees have considered what is known and the Association responses instead draw attention to the important local coastal features which should not be overlooked in the next detailed working phase and provides warnings about impacting adversely on the coast.

To see these responses, please see below.

If you would like to let us know your views, raise issues or offer information or help, please email us on

We can expect a full statutory consultation, likely to be later in 2023, when there will be a great deal more work to examine the in-depth proposals presented, but, by responding now and stressing the importance of not impacting on the coast and affecting sea defences and the river, the Association’s defence of the area has been made clear.


2022 Sea Link Non statutory consultation AOA response 2022

EuroLink Alde and Ore Association response