Alde and Ore Association AGM 23rd April 2016: Questionnaire seeking preliminary views on what the Association does or might do in the next decade or two

As part of our drive to establish excellent two way understanding and communications with Alde and Ore Association  members, please complete this online form.Alternatively please  click here to download a Word version, complete it and email it to us at

A&OA trustees are meeting in May to review our future strategy and plans for development and your input will be most useful.

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    1. What do you believe the main purpose of the Association should be?

    2. What existing Alde and Ore Association activities are you aware of?

    3. What would you like to see the A&O achieve over the next five years?

    4. What are the challenges the A&O must overcome to secure such achievements?

    5. What do you think we could do better?

    6. How might we broaden our membership to be more representative of those who live or work in the area or who visit it regularly?

    7. How would you like the A&O to keep you informed about our progress? (Newsletter, email, website, social media?)

    8. How can we best listen to your views from now on?

    9. If there was one change you would like the A&O to make what would it be?

    10. What could you do to contribute to the work of the organisation?

    11. Any other comments?

    Thank you – All results will be published and all views will be set out anonymously.