Annual Barbecue


The 2018 Annual Barbecue was held on a wet and windy Sunday, 26th August near Ferry Farm, Sudbourne by kind invitation of the Skepper family at the river bank near Chapman's Creek.

The barbecue was fully booked and members braved the elements to enjoy it. Some sat outside in the lee of the marquee but were driven inside by the rain running off the roof and down the back of their necks.

Paradoxically, with the weather forcing everyone to cram into the marquee, everyone declared the event a great success as in the confines of the marquee they met and chatted with new people rather than sitting in their own groups outside.

With the gale howling outside, Alison Andrews confined her remarks to thanking our hosts, the organisers and all those who had provided salads. If you would like to see the full welcome and report that she would have given if the weather had been quieter, please click here.

If you have any suggestions for a site for next year's Barbecue, do let us know.