Flood warning from Lowestoft to Bawdsey on 7th November 2021

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The Environment Agency has issued a flood warning from Lowestoft to Bawdsey for 7th November 2021.

At 10.15am there will be a high tide at Lowestoft, a surge of 0.8m above datum is forecast.

Thorpeness to Aldeburgh will be affected 2 hours later.

Slaughden Quay high tide is 2.05pm with 3.6m, which is slightly higher than usual plus the surge.

About 30-40 minutes later the water level at Hazlewood Marsh will be very noticeable with overtopping likely.  The River Course fairway on the 3rd. hole will be compromised, but not the green itself.

Iken, Orford Quay, Shingle Street and beyond will experience high water levels.

Click here to view the flood warning on the Environment Agency website.