Natural England release proposed route for the Bawdsey to Aldeburgh section of the England Coastal Path

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There will be keen interest in Natural England’s proposed route for the Bawdsey to Aldeburgh section of the England Coastal Path which has now been released for public comment until 31 March 2021. Click here for details of the proposed route.

The England Coastal Path will be a continuous national footpath so will attract visitors from far and wide. Natural England has prepared the proposals balancing the interests of walkers, conservation and the various provisions set within legislation, such as avoiding gardens, and other excepted factors.

These were explained by Natural England at the public meeting the Association organised in 2019 for members to learn about the proposals and make clear their concerns and wishes.

The proposals have considered the path in 5 different sections around the Alde and Ore Estuary, with the route mostly following the existing coastal route and along the river walls with existing paths: some parts relatively unchanged and some with greater or small additions to the public paths and permissive paths that have been in place up to now.

The proposals would make some adjustments along the coast north of Bawdsey, would open up paths closer to the Upper Butley River with seasonal diversions, would confirm the permissive route around Gedgrave but thereafter, essentially, with only small adjustments, follow the existing routes on the river walls, which do not include to the river walls to the east of Iken, on to the Sailors Path, and walls near Aldeburgh around the upper Alde. Some members will welcome some or all of the proposals, but some may also be disappointed or dismayed.

Members are urged to make their views known to Natural England (contact points given below) but please copy any comments to the Association by email

Anyone can comment on the proposals (make a representation). Landowners and occupiers can make an objection.

Representations and objections must reach Natural England by midnight, Wednesday, 31 March 2021.

Comments should be sent by post or email using the appropriate form to:

England Coast Path delivery team (East)
Natural England
Shaftesbury Road


Telephone 0300 060 3900

Notes on making a representation about a coastal access report can be found here.