Alde & Ore Research

Alde and Ore Association response to EA consultation on draft flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy July 2019

Professor Pye comments on HR Wallingford Alde and Ore estuary modelling November 2017

Professor Pye Geomorphological Assessment of SMP2 Coastal Managment Area ORF 15.1 June 2016 (Appendices - see below)

Geomorphological Assessment of SMP2 Coastal Managment Area ORF 15.1 Report to the A&OA June 2016 Appendices

American Wall breach report: Professor Pye October 2015

Hydrodynamic modelling of the Alde and Ore Estuary: Professor Pye July 2015

Alde and Ore estuary bathymetric modelling:Professor Pye February 2015

Report on the effects of the Hazlewood Marsh breaches: Professor Pye July 2014

Alde-Ore Local Economic Study February 2014

Press release on launch of the Alde and Ore Estuary Partnership May 2012

Alde & Ore Futures Autumn Update October 2010

Final draft of the Shoreline Management Plan - approved by SCDC Feb 2010

Response by Regional Director of Natural England to questions from the Association

Thorpeness to Shingle Street. 
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The Alde and Ore Association seeks to preserve for the public benefit  the Alde and Ore Estuary, the coast from Thorpeness to Shingle Street and the surrounding land area. 
Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report: As part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the developing strategy, the EA have produced a SEA Scoping Report which is a record of the baseline data available and confirms the approach for the forthcoming SEA Environmental Report. For more click here

Shoreline Management Plan; Sub-Cell 3C Summary Policy Documents
The draft policy summaries  comprise a map and the draft polices for specific lengths of coastline. There is also one summary document which contains all the draft policies for the Suffolk coastline.

There will be a 3-month public consultation period, including exhibitions, in the summer of 2009, which will provide an opportunity for all to comment on the draft policies.
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Update on Global Coastal Defence and the Historic Environment -
English Heritage provides advice on the implications of coastal and flood defence for the historic environment to those involved in coastal planning and coastal defence and to local authority historic environment officers;
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Framework for the Future - Alde & Ore Association
The Government is currently addressing policies for the future management of coastal areas including the three Suffolk Estuaries, The Blyth, The Alde and Ore and The Deben. If the proposals originally published for the Blyth Estuary were to be applied to the Alde and Ore, this would result in the sea and river walls being left to deteriorate and ultimately breached.

In this discussion paper the Alde and Ore Association put forward proposals for an effective management scheme for the Alde and Ore Estuary. August 2008
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The Environment Agency's Draft Blyth Estuary Flood Risk Management Strategy: Implications and Options for the Alde / Ore Estuary
A report to  The Alde & Ore Association by Professor Kenneth Pye ScD PhD MA CGeol FGS
April 2008
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Blyth Comments Report Appendix A . To view click here

Blyth Comments Report Appendix B. To view click here

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Alde and Ore Estuary Flood Management Strategy
Assessment of Background Evidence and Recommendations for Further Action by Professor Kenneth Pye ScD PhD MA FGS CGeol Kenneth Pye Associates Ltd., Crowthorne, Berkshire
( and Department of Geology, Royal Holloway University of London 16 January 2005
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