Temporary Paid Summer Job as Survey Co-ordinator

We are seeking a Survey Coordinator on a temporary basis. Could this be you, or do you know of someone who might like to do this short summer job?

The Alde & Ore Association is a registered charity and membership organisation. We take care of the Alde, Ore and Butley rivers and the surrounding landscapes. Our 2,000 members include local community residents, sailors, swimmers, walkers, birdwatchers, craftspeople and artists, business owners, farmers and visitors, who all cherish this unique and beautiful place. Our focus is on tomorrow as well as today: we take seriously our responsibility to ensure that these wonderful assets are passed on in good condition to the next generation.

As part of this work we are undertaking an economic survey. Every 10 years the Association has conducted a survey to assess the economic value of the area so we are armed to defend the estuary from developments or to make the case for support.  Assessing the real value of our fragile surroundings will equip us to deal better with present or future proposals which pose a threat to it, especially those which claim to offer an economic payback. We are undertaking a survey in July and August this year to match the previous surveys.

The survey will consist of questionnaires to be completed online or on paper if necessary and interviews with local people and visitors.

We are looking for a someone who would like to work with us over the summer as our Survey Co-ordinator to work closely with the Chair, trustees and the consultants RPA – Risk Policy Analysts.

The role is flexible and the main duties will be:

  • placing of posters with permission from shops and other businesses or organisations;
  • organising a roster of volunteers to promote the survey in key carparks in the area and at events;
  • collecting if necessary paper copy returns (most returns will be submitted online);
  • liaising with RPA on where to place more focus on securing survey returns; and
  • any other similar duties as and when needs arise.

We envisage the role requiring approximately 20 hours a week from end-June 2024 to late August 2024.

Pay will be a minimum of £12 per hour and is negotiable according to experience, with the potential to receive a discretionary bonus upon completion of the project.

For further details please contact Alison Andrews at aldeblackburn@aol.com, or phone 01728 452660

Closing date for applications is 5 July 2024